If it never rains, then we'll never grow.

With our one-year anniversary coming up, I’ve been doing some reflecting.  It’s raining which means I may as well close up and go home.  Any inkling of bad weather and Santa Fe just stops showing up.  They’re still out there driving around but they won’t be getting out of the car, unless it’s to flood the grocery stores with a doomsday sense of urgency.

I’m not crass…well, maybe I am.  But, I’m a realist.  The one thing I never can reconcile however, is Murphy’s Law.  Who among us can anticipate the unexpected?  IF I stay here, open, in the rain, no one will come in.  IF I close, by the time I get out to my car (as I’ve learned through trial and error) I’ll see someone with their face pasted up against the glass, pounding on the window, desperate to come in.  That’s ole Murphy for ya.  The consummate, unamusing jokester. 

So, I’ll pass the too-quiet-time tap tap tapping on my laptop and listening to my “Rainy Days and Sundays” playlist.  I truly LOVE the rain.  I live for sweater weather and love nothing more than to light a candle and sink into the sofa with a hot coffee and the muffled tones of Billie Holiday barely heard through the sound of the heavy drops on the roof.  But, there’s always something sad about it too, isn’t there?  Like that aforementioned LACK of business I’ll have as a result.  What is the justice in the environment getting what it needs while I suffer?  That’s how this whole year has been.  One step forward, TWO steps back.

We embarked on this journey on August 1st, 2018.  When we signed the lease, we had enough money to make the deposit and pay the first month’s rent but had NO idea where one more dime or even one piece of inventory was going to come from.  I only knew that I’d lost my 99th bad job and was NOT going to get another one. 

Those first few weeks of August were arguably, the most stressful of my life.  I was 100% committed to opening a store but also 100% UNcertain of H-O-W that was going to happen.  I begged.  I borrowed.  I nearly broke.  But somehow, I persevered, and we made it happen.  I won’t sugarcoat it (rarely do).  It has not been easy.  In fact, I never dreamed that this time around, it would be so hard.  But, reflecting now - I’m proud, I’m still terrified as hell and, mostly, I NEED A VACATION!!!  I’m exhausted!  Robin and I both are. 

But we are also grateful. 

For those who helped us get here - for the kind people we’ve met along the way - for our precious repeat customers, the passers-through that we’ll likely never see again and our fellow merchants and vendors that inspire us so much.  We’re grateful for the consistent praise and support we’ve received from our family and community.  And, for each other.  Our 30 years together have seen a lot of ups and downs but through it all, we still manage to stay crazy in love and that’s amazing.  About THAT, we are thankful, every damn day.  Finally, for our daughter, Ellie, who we trust more than anyone else alive, and who keeps us laughing through any storm.  We could NOT have done this without her.    

Like each and every small businessperson before us and all of those yet to come, we’re eternally thankful for the opportunity to live our dream, for however long we’re allowed to.  Rain or shine. 

Eighteen years ago, opening day.

Eighteen years ago, opening day.

Last year, opening day.

Last year, opening day.

Cara Evans