Bye Bye Gloom...

As our one year anniversary approaches (T minus 2 days) which is coinciding with the burning of Zozobra (TONIGHT) we can’t help but think a new year is a new opportunity to give thanks for where we’ve been and dive headstrong into the future having learned from our numerous mistakes.  Whew!  That was a mouthful. 

If you haven’t been to the official Burning of Zozobra, it’s an annual event to kick off Fiestas in Santa Fe. Started in the 20’s by artist Will Shuster and his puppeteer friend, Gustave Baumann, “Zozobra” literally translates to “the gloomy one” in Spanish.

“Old Man Gloom” as he’s often nicknamed, is said to be an evil-minded monster whose greatest pleasure is causing trouble.  He plagues the citizens of Santa Fe with feelings of despair and gloom thus, once a year, the torch-bearing townspeople must burn him in order to unburden themselves and feel a sense of spiritual relief. 

That’s the legend.  The nitty gritty is that some 60,000 (largely intoxicated) locals and visitors alike will cram into an area with a radius of less than 1 mile.  Translation = we DO NOT attend.  We do however subscribe to the concept.  What could be better than safely extinguishing your woes and starting anew? 

So that is what we intend to do. 

If you’ve read my blogs, I may not have said it out loud (but it’s certainly been implied) that we are uncertain from one day to the next, if our business will survive.  While most businesses can say the same thing, in addition to traditional starting-up woes, we’ve experienced a gamut of obstacles and difficulties that honestly, we never could’ve seen coming.  They have presented emotional and of course financial challenges (aka gloom) that we’ve had to contend with while maintaining our ever-friendly smile. 

Here’s the thing: many years ago, people started saying that books were dead.  Gone by the way of the Kindle.  But the cold hard surface and mind-numbing light of the tablet will never replace the feeling of turning a page in your hand, will it?  Books have – and will – survive.  Same can be said of the newspaper.  And, like bookstores, many old school media sources had no choice but to shutter their doors, but MANY SURVIVED.  The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Santa Fe New Mexican, The Silver City Daily Press and so many more.  Reading a headline online will never compare to sitting down with your morning coffee, snapping the paper open and getting that greyish-blue hue all over your hands while perusing the world’s daily tidbits.  It just won’t.

Let me be clear: we believe, with everything we are, that small retail will also survive. WE OWN A BRICK AND MORTAR STORE BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN BRICK AND MORTAR STORES.  No amount of clicking “add to cart” online will EVER compare to touching, feeling, and smelling products, finding something new (or old) that completely delights you or meeting the living, breathing people that have worked so hard to put it all together for you.

So, GO AWAY first-year doubts!  GOOD RIDDANCE silly squabbles and neighbor nuisances!  BURN gloom-filled days!  Old Man Gloom tried to get us down, but he failed.  We are strong, resilient and READY for whatever the future brings.

Cara Evans