True Story: I Got Hungry Writing This...

Forgive the long lapse since my last blog.  This has been a long, HARD winter.

Honestly, I’ve been quiet because I haven’t had much to say.  But we’re having our second day in a row of 50+ degree weather here in Santa Fe, despite the mounds of dirty snow that speckle our shade-filled landscapes.  While it’s not quite nice enough to open our big garage door, I AM, as my message board reads, “optimistically calculating each day until Spring.”  So, today I will keep my promise, shake off my winter blues and tell you about FOOD within the Design District Triangle.

There’s a lot!  And, while I’ll try to mention all options and provide links, I’ll only highlight my favorites. 

First and foremost, RADISH & RYE has moved down the street, to 505 Cerrillos Road.  As many of you know, this is my brother Dru’s restaurant.  He is co-owner and chef and my entire family couldn’t be prouder.  That aside, I can attest to the fact that the food is jaw-droppingly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  The atmosphere is cozy and current and the cocktails are off the charts, with a special focus on Bourbon. 

Some of my favorite menu items are small plates such as: the Saltine-Crusted Gulf Shrimp (our Grandpa’s recipe), the fresh Corn Chowder and the Grilled Asparagus with Chimayo Hollandaise and Andouille Crumbs.  YUM! 

Among the large plates, the Ribeye is the best steak any of us have ever had, the Porkchop is so incredible that once when I was walking down the street in my R&R hoodie, some guy yelled out at me, “THAT PORKCHOP, EH?” and I truly dream fortnightly about the locally-sourced, scratch-made Polenta.

Nearby, in the same Luna Complex, Ohori’s Coffee is the best in town.  No lie.  Robin and I are SERIOUS COFFEE CONNOSEURS.  Ohoris’ roasts are as dark & deliciously skunky as they can be and the espresso drinks are masterfully made.  There’s also Sage Bakehouse, located conveniently across from the Hotel Santa Fe, and thereby a favorite among visitors.  They make lovely breads, pastries, soups, sandwiches, etc.

For lunches within the triangle, we often turn to the Design Center, just across the street from us.  Inside, in addition to El Paso Imports, Mexico Lindo and our friend Barbara Simpson’s charming antique store, are several quick food options such as our favorite go-to Cleopatra Café, the incomparable Pizza Centro and Yin Yang Chinese

There’s also a small sandwich shop called The Kitchen Window and…drum roll please…a MEXICAN POPSICLE shop: Paleteria OasisDISCLAIMER: If you haven’t experienced a handmade Paleta, you haven’t lived.  With dozens of flavors like: Avocado, Coconut, Pecan, Strawberry-Mango, Watermelon with Chile, Arroz con Leche and Oreos & Cream, there’s something for everyone AND, hold up, because they’ll even dip them in white, milk & dark chocolate!  (The coconut in dark chocolate is one of my favorite ice-creamy type things I’ve EVER had.  It is PERFECTION!)

Just across from our parking lot (YES, WE OFFER FREE PARKING IN SANTA FE!) you’ll find Santa Fe Spirits describing themselves as an “artisan distillery” offering such libations as: Silver Coyote Malt Whiskey, Expedition Vodka and their own Apple Brandy.   

Just down from us towards Guadalupe Street on Garfield, is another local favorite, Andiamo! featuring Italian cuisine for both lunch and dinner.  A few steps further is Tomasita’s, arguably THE tourist destination of choice for margaritas. And, dart into the Railyard about half a block to find SKY Coffee, a handy/tasty stop within our morning Dexter-walking circle.

We haven’t been but have heard good things about Paloma, described as a “vibrant Mexican-inspired kitchen & bar.”  And, Café Sonder is just across the way next to ARRAY and Whole Hog, the best bbq ‘round these parts.

Our hope for the Design District Triangle is that it will one day become a true neighborhood where people, live, work, and shop.  Where do you live in Santa Fe?  “In the Design District Triangle.  Where is that great new restaurant? “In the Design District Triangle!”  Where is Ampersand Old & New?  “In the Design District Triangle!”


The new Radish & Rye location

The new Radish & Rye location

Cara Evans