A Few of Our Favorite Things...

Sometimes, the greatest insights can come from the most unexpected places.

During the holidays, an eight-year-old boy shopping with his mom presented the following quandary to me: he looked me earnestly in the eye, one arm leaning on the counter he could barely reach and said in conjunction with a perfectly timed eyebrow raise, “What’s your favorite thing in the store?”

It really made me think.  And, of course, the answer is ever-changing. Confession: I’m still pining over some of the things we sold at our former establishment some 15 years ago.  But for RIGHT NOW…here is my current list (because there’s no way I could limit it to one thing):

>>>  Green Deco-esque Chair – I can’t say for sure how old this chair is but I DO know the following: Richman Upholstery Co. is still in business in Denver and has been since 1913; the carved platform feet (in lieu of bun feet or lion’s paws) along with the lines and upholstery are indicative of the Art Deco era which dominated design between the 20’s and 30’s; it is FANTASTIC for any age.  I am head-over-heels in LOVE with this chair!  

>>> Erin Smith Art Travel Coffee Mug – Two things are true.  Coffee is my beverage of choice and has been, since I was a young girl and I do from 1-3 Sun Salutations every morning.  So, naturally, something that combines coffee and yoga would make my list.  I actually have a visibly-worn coaster of this same image which is what led me to seeking out Erin Smith Art for our store.

>>> The Infamous Coffee Couch – Having admitted that I drink buckets of black gold each day… it would be a shame if a Victorian-era sofa covered in coffee bean bags didn’t make my favorites list.  I sometimes wish we still sold coffee so I could keep it as a fixture.  There was however a matching foot stool which I happily paired with my favorite “Uncle Britches” chair at home.

>>> a simple Feather Hook – I’m a sucker for anything iron.  Don’t know why…it’s just a material that speaks to my personal aesthetic.  Any heavy iron, utilitarian hook would impress me but the simplicity of this feather feeds into that “Modern Southwest” look I’ve tried so hard to achieve.  I love it.

>>> our “Southwest Feminist” shirt – Santa Fe is, thankfully, a very liberal town and we are admittedly a very liberal family.  We wanted to express that somehow with a hint to a true Santa Fe hero and epic Feminist, Georgia O’Keefe.  We partnered with the amazing Guerilla Graphix – our idea/their interpretation of it – and are absolutely THRILLED with the result. 

>>> Atomic Martini Pitcher – I mean…who doesn’t love the idea of a whole pitcher of chilled martini’s?  Extra olives, please!

Things change so quickly around here, and I love that.  While that may be a common concept in retail, inventory that changes with trends or seasons, the difference is that we’re choosing each and every item we sell.  And we choose them based on how they make us feel.  Like anyone else, we question our choices and decisions from time to time but try to stick to the following mantra: if WE love it, someone else will too.  Here’s hoping that’s the secret to our success!

Cara Evans